Beauty & the Beast

Forget the groundhog; our magnolia tree is the official harbinger of spring at our house. I just want to set up a lawn chair in the front yard and stare at it in between sips of lemonade. The blossoms are fleeting; almost as soon as the buds open, big pale pink petals litter the lawn. It doesn’t help that sunny skies are reverting back to their wintry state, either.


Just act natural, Wilbur. Pensive stare. Got it.

And now, for some random updates:

Spring must truly equal love in the air, because the search term “Des Moines Dates” is sending quite a few people to BS in the Midwest. I’m going to have to come up with a quick and refreshed date list, but in the meantime, may I direct you to previous posts that I categorized under “Des Moines Dates.” Scroll down to get to the warmer weather ones.

I kind of can’t believe that I gave my final grad school presentation on Monday (just have to make it through the May 19 ceremony before my water can break!) and that the nursery remodel is finished. We just need to touch up window trim and put up some curtains and details before the big reveal. Oh, and build a little radiator cover. And maybe some bookshelves. I just go in and stand in it for no reason.

Joe is working on a guest post for you all about his 125-mile brother-in-law bike trip from Des Moines to Perry and back! They went last weekend when the weather was perfect and when I was crankily finishing up my school work.


I’m curious to see what he has to say about the trek. He didn’t get a lot of training in beforehand, but they seemed to have a blast.

Are you reading anything? I started NW by Zadie Smith on my way out to the baby shower. Now the class is over, I may finish it! I wrote about her novel White Teeth as part of my undergraduate thesis, so the timing is interesting.


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5 responses to “Beauty & the Beast

  1. carol beamer

    Congratulations on your successful capstone presentation…Another biggie to check of the list!
    ps…Beautiful picture of Wilber and Magnolia.

  2. anna

    Pensive stare, Wilbur…. nailed it! Congrats on grad school! I’m reading Let’s Pretend This Never Happened (Jenny Lawson) and trying to drag it out as long as possible because it is fantastic.

  3. Maria Campanaro

    I just finished 11/22/63 by Steven King as my first post-grad school endeavor. It was a recommendation from a friend, and I’ll follow in his footsteps by recommending it to you.

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