Packing up the pineapple

It’s baby shower weekend! I got a great deal on Southwest, so I’m taking off a couple of days early to spend time with my grandpa and the rest of the fam and my friends in Chicago. I haven’t seen my mom since Christmas! I’m cutting a different figure these days.


I was a big anti-shower brat when it came to my wedding (my family threw me a little “drizzle” instead of a shower – how sweet amd funny is that?). My mom and godmothers have been goofy excited about the baby shower and have been planning for months. It’s all a surprise to me, but apparently the theme is not “baby manatees wearing glasses and reading books,” as I suggested. I’m sure it will be lovely nonetheless.


A few links while I’m gone:

Have you watched this Dove Real Beauty Sketches campaign? Made me tear up a bit.

I went to the Des Moines Public Library’s AVID talk with Wild author Cheryl Strayed last night (packed house!). Here’s the rest of the 2013 AVID lineup, if you’re interested.

Speaking of nonfiction/memoir writing, a good friend from college is moving to Iowa City from D.C. because her husband got into the Writer’s Workshop! I’m so excited. It’s my dream to do one of these Iowa Summer Writing Fest workshops next summer, and she’ll be just the buddy to go with.

Lately, I cannot get enough of strawberries. I ate a bowl of Special K Red Berries at 11 p.m. the other night and bought two cartons and some angel food cake with the intention of making this.

The new room overlooks our back yard, which has me inspired to start sprouting some seeds. I won The Beautiful Edible Garden from Amy’s blog the other week, and I’m hoping this is the year my thumb turns green.

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  1. carol beamer

    .Yep….Shower weekend! Enjoy, revel in the love of people that love you and have fun! xoxo

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