Go Girl Guides at Mars Cafe

Confession: This week, I took three trips to Mars Cafe in a 24-hour period. I mean, it is only a couple hundred paces from my basement office, and most of the time Mars is filled with some of my favorite people in the city, so that’s not too excessive, right? I met with Libby from The One Campaign and my grad class group and Emily Genco, the new Juice reporter. I think I freaked her out with all of my stories.

I’m going to swing by Mars again this evening before my writing group because the Cafe is hosting “Go Girl Guides” tonight (March 20, 6:30-8:30 p.m.) to share safety tips for women traveling on a budget, and stories about what it’s really like to be a travel writer. My inner travel-writer-wannabe feels like this will be a cool event. Check out Go! Girl Guides online.


The writing group thing is once a month, at a friend’s house. We’ve only done it once so far, but it felt amazing to just put pen to paper for a couple of prompts. We’re focusing on personal essay kind of nonfiction, but it’s definitely more creative than any writing I do for myself on a regular basis. Peer pressure!

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