Fit for a Prince

Although I do have a girl crush on Kate Middleton (secretly hoping Royal Baby and my JamJam Jellyroll will someday be married), the Union Jack inspired quilt I finally finished isn’t for her progeny. It’s for a baby boy named London, the son of Joe’s best friend Jimmy and his wife.


I got it all washed (because washing a quilt for the first time is terrifying, so I decided to take that leap for them) and ready to ship out just a few weeks into little London’s life, and with a little bit of time to spare before opening day. As not to be too British, I backed it with baseball fabric, since Joe and Jimmy are both huge Cubs fans.


I pieced the red and white strips and then appliqued them to the blue background, and I’m happy with how everything turned out. Measuring isn’t my friend.


I looked at several Union Jack quilt patterns, but I ultimately decided to wing it. Quiltspiration:

Union Jack quilt inspiration from Etsy
I Heart London Quilt Pattern

I wish I was the kind of quilter who could put together a tutorial, but my haphazard try-it, then fix-it approach doesn’t really lend itself to step-by-steps. I pieced together the red and white strips and folded the edges and appliqued them to the blue background. (Technically, the red strips should run together to make a true cross shape. Whoops!) I cut the baseball backing to size, then I quilted triangles in the spaces between the diagonals.



I am the world’s worst binder, so although I probably could have done this in a weekend, I cursed at it and left it crumpled in a corner for awhile. My quilts look decent from a distance, so you won’t see too many close-ups.


Days like these, when the gray sky and ground bleed into greener and bluer hues remind me of the months I lived in London, the winter semester of my Junior year during study abroad. I walked so much that spring (walking places = discovery), and enjoyed solitary adventures and outings with friends.

I remember spending a crisp afternoon by myself in Holland Park, and it was glorious. Each park has such personality.
High tea at the Dorchester with my best girl is a favorite fancy memory.
The Victoria & Albert Museum is a must-see, and the Churchill War Rooms are quite fabulous, too. (But ALL of the museums in London are pretty great!)
Shopping and snacking along the Portobello Road Market – so full of colour (spelled the British way, of course.)

2006, London, waiting for the organ recital at Westminster Abbey

2006, London, waiting for the organ recital at Westminster Abbey

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