Meanwhile, back at the homestead

Yesterday was hole-in-the-roof day! From the curb, you can’t really see much. It’s like a mullet remodel. Still pretty business in the front.


But the party was getting started in the back when Joe and I popped home over lunch with some groceries so we could keep the crew fueled on what our contractor predicted would be one of the most intense days of construction.


It was pretty wild to walk upstairs and see the one-time wall exposed to the elements.


Remember that wall just the day before?

What was crazier was getting back to the house at the end of the day and seeing the room pretty much framed out.


Inside, we could really start to visualize how furniture would work out, and evolve from a crib to maybe bunk beds or something some day.


There will be a big bay of windows overlooking our little backyard, and we have to have a PTAC unit installed for heating and cooling because of the nature of our old house and how the HVAC is set up. Our room can get pretty toasty in the summer, so we wanted to make sure we were able to keep it cool on this side.


Wednesday night, Joe and I went on a dinner-and-Lowe’s date (pretty sure it was an excuse for him to try some of the new beers on tap at Rock Bottom) to look at some finishings.

We started to wrap our brains around carpeting options, although my boss recommended Louie’s Floor Covering on Ingersoll, which we’re totally going to check out. I’m not sure if this ceiling fan will be too big, but we’re fans (har har) of it because it seems to blend the craftsman and modern styles we love.

Wilbur, by the way, is being a champion about all of the pounding. He’s sequestered in his kennel in the extra room during the day, but the crew says he’s hardly made a peep and he just doesn’t go upstairs at night. Lots of treats for that pup these days for not completely freaking out.


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4 responses to “Meanwhile, back at the homestead

  1. YAY! SO SO AWESOME! >> it’s so fun when you can actually really visualize it all! congrats on making it to this phase!

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