Nesting: Extreme home makeover editon

I can’t believe I’m rounding (reeeally rounding) into the third trimester already. 27 weeks, friends.  Construction on our dormer addition got underway late last week, so I thought it might be time for an update on babythings.


Whilst others in the Land of Third Trimester might be putting a final trimmings on the nursery, we currently have this massive hole in the wall and are beginning to open up the roof. We’re working with the father-son team at  Woodland Fair on this project, which is way outside our DIY abilities.

Before: Yes, the blue and tan paint choice was weird and we’ve pretty much hated it since it dried. We’re going gray with our room after the dust settles. This was a little nook on the right side of the master bedroom landing, when you come upstairs.


After: Brown wall is out and this is what lies beyond the curtain. Future kid room! Isn’t it cozy? Ha. Of course, the dormer will take the ceiling up.


It’s exciting to be able to peek in to see the shape the room will take; in a blip of a fast-forward, I’m going to be walking those floors with our little human. The room will be L-shaped, extending from our landing area and hooking right back behind our upstairs bathroom. We’ll be closing off our Master bedroom to retain some parental privacy, but plan on keeping the flow with French doors.

Honestly, with this project and my final semester of grad school keeping me busy until May, I feel like I’m not even letting myself get worked up mentally about the enormity of impending parenthood. I’ve been reading up a bit on Montessori principles and activities, but I think parenthood is mostly a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants endeavor at first.

We’re super lucky that Joe’s sister will provide childcare and that my employer offers flexible scheduling, so knowing our baby will be in trusted hands is one less worry to navigate. Right now, I’m just enjoying the kicks my cauliflower-sized Jam Jam Jellyroll is serving up, singing to it while I’m in the car and continuing to indulge my desire to consume mass amounts of cereal.

Nursery decor inspiration board to come soon!

Baby bonus links:

My dear friends Tim and Gretchen are pregnant with TRIPLETS. Tim, who used to be my editor at Juice, started a blog about his “Costco Pregnancy” – and, I imagine, other things. He’s a terrific writer, so check out.

Cara sent me this funny Huffington Post essay with advice to new moms. I think my favorite advice in the thing is the “REALLY?” response line. But seriously, there’s some wisdom there.


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