Go, go Garrett

My friend Garrett is embarking on an exciting Cross-Country Adventure, and I wanted to make sure I told you about it. You know the awesomesauce blog Maddie on Things? Now there’s a book:


photo via Maddie on Things

I remember giggling at the blog full of photos of Maddie the Coonhound perched on things awhile back and then a few months later freaked out when I saw Garrett post photos with Maddie, blog celebrity rescue dog!

Photo snatched from Garrett's Facebook page

Photo snatched from Garrett’s Facebook page

Garrett’s a super talented photographer and I think he has a little bit of magic in him. After all, he showed me this spot, and on the eve of my 27th birthday let me hitch a ride on the back of a white convertible while we scooped the loop. I’m so excited to hear he’ll be a part of the “Maddie on Things” book tour!

It feels like a long ways away, but eden announced they’ll be the official Des Moines stop for This Wild Idea and the Maddie book tour 5-8 p.m. Friday, August 2. Can you believe I could bring a baby to that event?

More details from Garrett’s blog: We’ll be making our way through all 50 states over 8 months stopping at 37 bookstores along the way as well as telling the stories of rescue pets and their owners for #purinaone. Visit www.maddieontour.com for details on the book tour and then come visit us when we’re in your area. We’ll also be organizing instameets regularly and looking for knowledgeable ambassadors for each city.

Go, Garrett! It’s so exciting to see Des Moinesians embark on this kind of adventure-project.

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