Staying in touch

Even though it seems like everyone in my life is just a text, tweet or Facebook post away, staying in touch — really in touch — with old friends sometimes feels like a daunting task.

The urge to reconnect gets piled under other to-do list items and then an awkwardly long time passes between check-ins, so I feel bashful about calling. I have a package for a dear friend who splits her time between Idaho and Alaska that has been sitting on a table upstairs literally for months. I tried to mail it once, but couldn’t find the right sized box and now it’s spent weeks riding around in my trunk.

Yesterday, I got the sweetest little letter from a friend in Texas and an enclosed photo that she and her husband stumbled across and thought looked like an ancestor of mine. How funny is that? I make a point to keep a handy stash of stamps around, so I quickly jotted down a response and clipped it to my mailbox.


I’m also grateful for the conversations I’ve been having with my friend, Cara, the past few months. I’m typically not much of a phone talker, but she’s in San Francisco now and despite the time difference, we’ve both been making an effort. We discussed early pregnancy together before we felt comfortable sharing the news with the world (I was a few weeks behind her for my earlier pregnancy) and she just gave birth to a beautiful girl. I’m glad we got to talk through the hard things, and laugh through the ridiculous ones and I continue to look to her for guidance and support. Cara just posted her natural birth story, which is raw and honest and inspiring. I can’t believe that will be me in 15 weeks!

Speaking of sending love, my friend Calee linked me to this amazing Audubon, Iowa based letterpress studio the other day and my mouth is watering for some of Meg’s products. Go Iowa makers!


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  1. I’m so glad we’ve stayed in touch, too. I can’t wait until the day you can hold that baby in your arms!

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