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I have a little blogroll on the right rail (take a moment for a mental image of me gesturing to the right of your screen), but I wanted to take a minute to give a shout-out to a few local bloggers I read on at least a semi-regular basis. (Note to my male readers – this is a pretty lady-centric list.)

I’ve been waaaay better about not spending as much time reading blogs as I used to, but come Friday evening I normally just want to put on sweatpants, grab our iPad and scroll through updates while Joe makes dinner. Frump mode!

Switching to reading mostly local blogs of people I know or sort of know has cut down a lot on the silly blogger envy I used to feel after gorging myself on All The Pretty Internet Things. I do have a few more well-known blogs I follow, but I feel like my local people are more down-to-earth (hell yeah, Des Moines) and I know their lives aren’t as quite as perfect as what all gets posted, or they post about less-perfect things.


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Local link love:

Ever After Blueprint: This is my friend Andrea’s blog. She and I met when we co-facilitated a writing workshop at the women’s prison, and we share a love of books and writing and appreciate a similar aesthetic. She’s a new mom and I’ve loved following her posts about figuring – or attempting to figure out that role.

HeyJenRenee: Jen might be the coolest mom in Des Moines. And her husband, Bo, mountain unicycles. They go to rock concerts and make parenting look rad. Jen is an avid knitter, so if you’re into making cowls and cool stuff, she’s your lady.

Iowa Girl Eats: I met Kristin a few years ago when her food blog was getting big. Now it’s pretty huge! Lots of healthy eating inspiration, with some fun sass. I sometimes send links to Joe when I feel like we’re in a rut of making super heavy recipes.

Ivy Boyd: I am not really a makeup person at all, but Ivy’s makeup blog is really fun and well-done. She blends higher end and drugstore brands and posts tutorials that make me consider attempting layered eyeshadow or eyeliner or something.

Things We Make: Amy recently reminded me we’ve now been friends for four years (craziness), ever since she moved to Des Moines. We don’t meet up for breakfast every week anymore, but I check in on her blog all the time. She highlights local and national crafters because that’s kind of her “beat” as a writer, along with recipes that feature natural, whole foods.

Tomorrow’s To-Dos: I met Nicole at the “Go Red for Women” table, thanks to Alexson of Bigger, Better, Best. She seems to throw a great party, and loves Downton Abbey. I pinned her homemade Bailey’s post over the holidays!

Words of Williams: I used to check in on Kelsey’s fashion blog once-in-awhile, but I’ve really been enjoying the blog she and her husband, Eric keep on their marriage, family and finances. They do the whole Dave Ramsey thing, which I’ve always been kind fascinated by, and their daughter, Rooney, is about a year old and Kelsey’s been chronicling her development. Fingers crossed our baby sleeps as much!


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8 responses to “Local link love

  1. Thanks for the blog love lady!

  2. ivysavanah

    Aww thank you for the shout out! You are adorable and sweet Brianne! ❤

  3. yay! thanks for sharing – we are honored to be included! i can’t wait to check out the others!

    • Thanks for writing! I’m trying to be better about commenting on local blogs, too, because I love it when people comment. I don’t comment on national blogs because it seems like most of the bajillion comments are just things like, “Oh, pretty!” But I know it’s nice to have readers talk back!

  4. Thanks so much, Brianne! I’m off to check out local blog friends … old and new. What a great idea.

  5. heyjenrenee

    Thanks so much, Brianne! I’m off to check out local blog friends … old and new. What a great idea.

  6. Thank you so much for the link love, Brianne!! Love this roundup of local blogs, too – definitely adding them to my reader. Happy Monday!

  7. Thanks for the local round-up! I love finding new local blogs to read. And a few of them are already in my reader. Thanks!

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