A separate his and hers Saturday: Joe had plans for an all-day lager tasting extravaganza (they do this super serious blind beer tasting once a year).


So I decided to invite over the ladies whose significant others would be spending the afternoon trying to differentiate Rolling Rock from Lucky Bucket. Simple plan: to have tea and get creative. Joe gets excited about beer and guac and this is the face I make when I get to put my milk-glass manatee on a cake pedestal:

23 weeks

Joe brought home a gorgeous orchid we’ve amazingly managed not to kill and I brought out my Jadite bowls and made a little table scape. I set the table with some goodies and filled up little tea and supply stations and we chatted and made cards and whatnot.


The tea tray collage is something my family made me as a wedding present and electric kettles are a fantastic invention.


It was relaxing and nice to reconnect with a small gathering of women who I might not see as often. All those supplies live in a crazy cluttered spot in my basement. It’s like I’m a Michael’s outlet.

Having all of my supplies in front of me inspired me to finish the Union Jack-ish quilt that I’m making for a friends’ baby. I did it super freestyle, like all of my quilting projects, and it’s nowhere near perfect, but I’m proud of it! This is just the topper. I’m so close to being done, but the binding step was torturing me.


I love the fabrics – including the baseball backing which I’ll show you when it’s all finished. (The quilt is for a tiny baby boy named London who is still in the NICU. He’s the son of Joe’s best friend.) The fabric is from Creekside Quilting in Clive.

OH! And while I was quilting, I listened to this fascinating Radiolab podcast about color perception. Is the sky blue if nobody tells you so?


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2 responses to “Crafternoon

  1. ChristaGurl

    Beautiful quilt! You are so crafty Miss brianne!

  2. ellen

    We listened to that same color story a few months ago coming home from the farm and still talk about it. We asked Caroline and she said the sky was white, so that’s not very fun. I also think my mom is one of those people who can see more shades of color.

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