Friday in love

Ah, so this week had its highs and lows. Big highs like people actually coming to the YNPN launch, and little ones, like getting the Madewell dress I ordered at 40% off the sale price in the mail. I got it in my normal non-preggo size, so I can barely zip it up and my belly pops out in the front. But a girl can imagine herself fancy, can’t she?

Madewell Polka dots, people, that’s what I’m talking about! I probably won’t be wearing it anywhere until after June and most likely not until August, when we’ll (fingers crossed) travel to Portland for my cousin’s wedding and all stay in a big house together.

Silly lows, like my necklace randomly breaking and splattering its beads everywhere, then losing my parking stub in the two hours between parking and needing it to get out of the garage, and frustrations that had me awake at 4 a.m. This nocturnal thing is new and I didn’t think it had anything to do with my hormones until it happened again last night (technically this morning) and I found myself eating a bowl of Special K Red Berries and working on the computer in the way dark hours.

Things to look forward to:

We’re having some sort of tater tot casserole for dinner tonight, and then having a couple of people over for slightly fancier fare (a vegetarian orzo dish, I think) tomorrow night.

Joe and I signed on to home host a Russian guy for a few days in mid-February, too. I’m thinking we can cross off some more winter list ideas with him. We’ve had fun with foreign visitors in the past, and this will probably be the last time we can do it for awhile.

I’ve booked a little spring break getaway with my girlfriends to Nashville for the end of March! Do you have recommendations? I’ve been there twice during wedding weekends but felt like there was so much more to see.


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3 responses to “Friday in love

  1. Love the dress! How did you get hooked up with the Russion guy and your other foreign visitors? Sounds like a fun experience.

  2. Hi Alison!

    We started out hosting a woman from Tajikistan through the Iowa International Center ( and then word got out that we’d hosted Tajiks, so we had another younger guy stay with us two summers ago! The woman from that program e-mailed to see if we could take a Russian this February!

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