Sweatpants Saturday

I’m sure Miss Manners would frown upon this, but I do love hanging out with friends around whom I feel I can lounge in sweatpants, even as hostess. Danny and Katy came over for breakfast, to get some work done on an upcoming YNPN Des Moines launch event (if you work or want to work at a Des Moines nonprofit, join us on Jan. 22!) and to play Settlers of Catan. I’m so happy I’ve gotten to know those two even better this past year.

Joe whipped up some delicious cornmeal waffles (he used this recipe but didn’t chill the batter overnight) with strawberry sauce and a side of bacon and we actually lit our fireplace for once. It was a cozy kind of day.


My evening was pretty lazy. In an attempt to stop obsessively pinning baby stuff (although I am pining for these wall decals for the nursery)/searching for used versions of things I’ll need on Craigslist, I downloaded The Night Circus and tried to read it while Joe watched football. I’m not quite swept up in the book yet, although it came highly recommended. So far, I’m a little conscious of how cinematically it reads (if it hasn’t already been optioned for a movie — I can see it as a Tim Burton film).


I hope your Saturday was equally relaxing.


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  1. Kathleen Kelley

    sam burton or tim burton

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