When we were girls, we played MASH

Random musing, mostly for the ladies:

Did you play that game, in middle school, where you started the top of a piece of notebook paper with the letters M  A  S  H (mansion, apartment, shack, house) and would write down the kind of wedding gown you’d wear, and who you would marry and where you would go on your honeymoon and what kind of car you would drive and what jobs you and your husband would have? And then a friend closed her eyes and made a spiral and you had to count the lines in the swirl and go through the page crossing options out until your whole future life was circled in each different category. You always had to put in one choice for each that made you squeal with disgust, so you’d be crossing your fingers the whole time that you wouldn’t end up with a Saran wrap wedding dress driving a puke-green Pinto with eight babies fathered by the most repulsive boy in your class?


The other day I had this random realization that I’m living out my MASH game. Right now. (Although I’d suggest a major update to the game to include colleges and majors and whatnot! Also, the feminist in me would like to acknowledge that the MASH game has some serious faults, i.e. adult women don’t need to have weddings or male partners to be livin’ the dream, but indulge my reminiscence for a moment.) I had a conversation about the MASH business with my friend Arin and we had this realization that, as a kid, those choices and their outcomes seemed like the ultimate in Becoming An Adult. We laughed about it in our slippers, eating pizza and grapes and playing with her baby boy because we don’t feel like adults — even as all of this is happening — and even as we put down roots, our lives seem so far from finalized. I think Arin and I need to watch 13 Going on 30 together.

Dress – not Saran Wrap


Husband – Awesome and not someone I was not obsessed with in sixth grade (gasp!) and dog (I had no idea what a Shiba Inu was until I had joint custody of Wilbur) and Alpine honeymoon.

HouseHippo shaped and in a state I never gave any consideration to prior to 2007
Car – Perpetually messy red Subaru Impreza / Green VW Passat (technically, I drive Joe’s car and he drives mine because I still haven’t mastered driving stick)
Kids – TBD. We find out if baby number one is a boy or girl in a month! Reaching this MASH milestone might make adulthood sink in a little more, eh?

I’ve been having a lot of this is your life moments lately. In a good way. Do you ever click through your photos in iPhoto, or on your Facebook page really fast (like how they say your life flashes before your eyes when you die) and take a moment to appreciate the places you’ve been and the moments that you’ve lived? Totally guilty of that when I was working on a project, but it’s a great way to take a couple of minutes to appreciate where you’ve been. Maybe I should create a new MASH game for my 30s-60s. It’s always fun to daydream about things to come.

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