Home for the holiday

Ahhh, three days to spend alternately tackling my massive to-do list and snuggled underneath a duvet, reading. (I’m currently reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed and totally into it, because it’s bringing me back to why I love backpacking so much.)

We were a bit worried we wouldn’t get back to Chicago to see my family (and for me to go to Lula Cafe with my high school besties for brunch) because of the snowstorm that canceled school here the days before break. We made it, though. Here’s the house on Wednesday night, after a few inches had begun to fall:


I’m never one to get cabin fever, especially when I have loads of last-minute Christmas crafting to finish. I used the time we gained from canceled events to finish a home brewer cross stitch for my brother, make a toddler cape for my niece Caroline who currently refers to herself in the third person, as Buzz Lightyear (how rad is that?) and finish a plush robot that I designed in my head for my nephew, Nico, and brought to life by trial and error. This is how excited I was about it:

Photo on 2012-12-16 at 13.27 #2

If you still have a little bit of the holiday mood, my story about the Ashby Avenue Christmas lights, “Life on Candy Cane Lane,” ran in the Sunday Register! The people on that block are the nicest around. It was so much fun to write that one. Next year, I see a group doing one of the limo holiday light tours that seem to be a Des Moines thing.  (As a transplant, these random local traditions still delight me.)

Also, if your family lives 7+ hours apart and you decide to see them both over the holidays, I recommend “What the Dog Saw,” a collection of Malcolm Gladwell articles on audiobook for the drive. It’s hard to focus on a novel with two people in the car, but this has a good collection of his longform magazine articles. We have it checked out from the library.


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3 responses to “Home for the holiday

  1. I just finished Wild and really enjoyed it! We are reading it for book club this month, you should join us for the discussion!

  2. I loved Wild, too! Couldn’t put it down. And What the Dog Saw? The best Gladwell book, in my humble little opinion. What’re you reading now? I just finished Bloom by Kelle Hampton and started The Age of Miracles…

    Stumbled on your blog this morning. Good stuff! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. Annie – I have yet to pick up my next read, but Bloom looks like a good pick! Technically “Telegraph Avenue” was next up on my list, but it somehow ended up on my HUSBAND’S bedside table. Hmmm.

    Amber, when is your meeting? I’d be down with going, although the group might roll their eyes at my backpacking stories.

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