Ringing in 2013 with the Beatles

The plan for New Year’s Eve this year is to host a little dinner party for a group of friends (anyone have a favorite lasagna recipe?) and then all head down to the New Year’s Eve Pops at the Des Moines Symphony. It’s the “Classical Mystery Tour,” featuring Beatles hits. The cheapest tickets were just $15. We’re sitting in the waaaaay back, but I think that will work out well because no one will be able to tell me to sit down and stop dancing!


I think I’m going to wear this dress that I picked up last weekend while shopping for other Christmas gifts. I’m hoping the sheath sees me through the next few months of my expanding waistline.


The Symphony goes from 8-10 p.m., so we’ll have to find a spot for a nightcap and countdown. I wonder if Sbrocco will be open until midnight. Maybe the bar at Proof? Or we could always keep the jukebox going at the Alpine Taproom, my favorite nearby winter bar.


Photo via Pitter Patter Clunk

Last year I helped out at the Des Moines Social Club’s annual celebration, “The Bash”. It’s all-ages at Cap Square this year.

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