Good morning, winter

The tree went up this week. I love padding past it in my slippers on my way to make breakfast; I have to pause to soak in the glow.


Our Arctic fox was ecstatic over the snow. He couldn’t wait to get out in it!


A few recommendations this week:

To eat: Sweet potato and black bean enchiladas from Espresso and Cream. My first ever attempt to make enchiladas. They were rather delicious, filling and made enough for more than one meal.

To watch: Lincoln. Joe and I had a get-our-Christmas-tree and movie date on Tuesday. Tuesday nights the Carmike cinemas do a special deal with cheaper tickets and popcorn and soda specials. I came home and had to pull my copy of “Leaves of Grass” off the shelf because so many of Whitman’s poems in that book were inspired by the Civil War. Also, I really want to know what pattern the quilt was in one of those final scenes when Thaddeus Stevens crawls into bed. (I also can’t wait for the Les Mis movie!) Small screen style, Joe and I finished the first season of Homeland this week. So. Good.

To read: I’m between books, but finally digging into my backlog of magazines. Yesterday, I read the first installment on this series, a gorgeously written first person account of a mother/journalist who had a “micro preemi” at 23 weeks six days. It wracked my heart. The older brother of my best childhood friend is in the middle of this marathon journey with his wife right now and at just into my second trimester I know there are so many unknowns that lace fears and worries in with my daydreams.

To drink: This alcohol-free Trader Joe’s Sparkling White Chardonnay Grape Juice is making me feel fancy. Joe and I did some epic errand running in the ‘burbs yesterday, and this was my sweet reward.

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  1. kathy

    Looks like winter has hit Des Moines! Enjoy!

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