So much to say!

There’s so much going on that I don’t even know what to post first.

Our Savannah road trip was fantastic. The city was everything I imagined — and my brother’s Platinum hotel status helped us travel in style. Complete recap coming, but suffice it to say, there was more than one stop for fried chicken.

TEDxDesMoinesWomen is coming up on Sunday! We sold out. Whew! I’ll admit that I’m pretty nervous about it. As my dear friends know, I go into hostess mode when we have parties at the house, and when 100+ people are paying for an event I help put together, well, let’s just say come Monday I will be way less nervous and stressed. I scheduled a hair appointment for Saturday because pampering is always calming, right?

My friend Chelsea found this manatee onsie for me. Ha!

I finally made the fact that we’re having a baby “Facebook Official” this week. I am the world’s worst secret keeper and most people knew already, but it feels good to not have to dance around why I’m declining a glass of wine or a big sip of craft beer. I’m in the midst of compiling a bunch of lists of baby essentials, but I’m surprising myself by not going too crazy reading baby books or doing nursery Pinterest boards quite yet. I am looking forward to getting ahold of “Great with Child,” the one book many of my pregnant friends have recommended.

Despite the general feeling of being busy, Joe and I started watching Homeland this week and are instantly addicted. We devoured disc one and two in one sitting each! And I am finishing up “Under the Banner of Heaven” (about Mormonism) for book club. It’s interesting, but like most of the nonfiction books we choose in our club, I’d rather have had it a 10,000 word article than a whole book. I’m starting “Telegraph Avenue” next. Oh, and continuing our analog game of “Draw Something” with my niece. We send pictures and challenges via snail mail. It’s so much fun!

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