Meet Sah-rah of “Craft-a-Day” at Ephemera

In the (sometimes awkward) quest of making friends as an adult, I’ve found that crafting together is quick way to break the ice. Silences aren’t strange when you’re bent over, gluing/glittering/cutting something and a certain comfortable camaraderie is woven between two people who are being creative in each others company. I first met “Craft-a-Day” author Sarah Goldschaldt that way, through the lovely Cara Corey because the two were J-school friends together at Drake.
Sarah has a pared-down, fun aesthetic inspired, it seems, by being half-Danish and taking lots of trips to visit her twin sister in Iceland. She once did a crafter challenge for us when I was working at Juice, and now she has her own book! Ta-da:
Sarah still owns a home in Des Moines and had landed back here for awhile in between some pretty amazing projects she always seems to be a part of. Now she’s back in NYC. The women is a design genius and has worked for Martha Stewart Living, Oprah, Glamour,< insert-pretty-much-any-glossy-you’ve-drooled-over-here>. She’s also a super-fun person to craft with — as I recall, she was here in the winter when I was learning to crochet and we’d watch TED talks together and make stuff.
So you should totally go to Ephemera next week and meet her and make friends by getting your craft on!
Thursday, November 8th, 5-8  p.m. at Ephemera, 505 East Locus St.
Bonus: See what is all about as well as meet Amy Palanjian, author of Sew Pretty! Crochet and a dear friend of mine.

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