Tuk tuk takeover

Gotta love it when someone has a zany idea for Des Moines and then makes it happen! Joe and I stopped by El Bait Shop on Sunday for the “Tuk Tuk Goose Chase,” an event that featured a fleet of decorated three-wheel auto rickshaws.

The event was the brainchild of a local guy, Matt Smith, and featured costumes, pimped-out tuk tuks and amused spectators. Check out this awesome video of him securing “the motherload” of these things from a guy in smalltown Nebraska.

The concept was like of like a road rally, and apparently there were tuk-tuk jousting and polo competitions planned for later in the day. It was fun to see how different companies decked them out and it looked like the teams had a great time driving them around.

My favorite was probably the yarn-bombed Goodsmiths tuk tuk:

The event itself was definitely a passion project and I’m sure there were mind-boggling logistics involved. Hopefully there’s a next year and the challenges become a little more spectator-oriented, because it could be a blast.

The Tonka Tuk:

As I was taking this photo, Brian Sauer from Saturday Mfg. was asking whether the thing should smell like burning. Ha!

As it was, Joe and I grabbed some burger baskets for lunch and watched the tuk-tuks whizz in and out of the parking lot. So cool to see a concept like this come to reality.

Listen to the story John Pemble from Iowa Public Radio did on the event: http://news.iowapublicradio.org/post/inaugural-tuk-tuk-goose-race


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3 responses to “Tuk tuk takeover

  1. RE+RE Kelley

    Hi Brianne,

    They were selling Tuk Tuks at the Ford dealership on Ogden and Finley near your Mom’s house. I always wanted one, but the $17K pricetag and the lack of a heater put me off. You Iowa folks know how to party. –UncBob

  2. Wow, Uncle Bob – I think Craigslist would be the way to go here. Sounds like you can get them for about $500, then fix it up – and decorate it – as you are able! I think we’ll have to go on a tuk tuk hunt next time you come out for an Iowa adventure.

  3. Thanks for the write up Brianne 🙂 Great blog you have here, and hey, Uncle Bob if you catch tuk tuk fever, I’ll get you a steal on one!

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