Weekend ode to the couch

We fulfilled our weekend going-out plans — got snazzed up for the Pollack Ball (more on that later) and swung by Confluence Brewing’s grand opening and cheered on the marathoners who ran past this morning. But mostly I worked on a craft project and we hunkered down on the couch. There was lots of football on TV and a book in my lap. Joe made crockpot chicken cacciatore and a ridiculously amazing spent grain bread (modified from this recipe, plus an improvised crusted cheesy topping). I ate it for two dinners in a row.

And I read an entire book for fun this weekend, despite having a bazillion case studies due for my class next weekend. I am such a rebel. It was Anne Lamott’s “Imperfect Birds.”

Reading a book in one day or a weekend, or just a couple of sittings is so deeply satisfying. It’s this immersion experience that leaves you in a foggy sort of mood, like coming out of the movies. I still remember reading Matilda in one sitting after school one day, just draped over the couch, and how amazing and personal it felt — a deeper connection to a book than the typical pick-up-put-down.

I’ve been hearing about Anne Lamott’s books in a few different places, and I can appreciate how her writing ranges from lyrical to conversational and even slangy. The book also freaked me out about ever having to parent a teenager.

I haven’t gotten out of pajamas all day. Why would I, with a book to finish? When I wasn’t taking up the couch, Wilbur had himself a curl-up.

He knows how to do it.

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One response to “Weekend ode to the couch

  1. carol beamer

    Perfect weekend..especially after the whirlwind of last weekend. Any day you can stay in your pajamas without being sick is a good day!

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