What’s up this weekend

It’s only mid-week, but I’m looking forward to a semi-relaxed weekend at home. Two of my fall weekends have been taken up by grad class, but I have this one free and Joe and I are taking advantage. I continue to be amazed by how FULL Des Moines’ calendar is. Sometimes it stresses me out that I can’t be at every amazing event going on.

Friday night, we’re heading to the Art Noir Pollock Ball, which a bunch of my friends worked hard to put together.

Photo via LIFE archive

I’m resisting the urge to shop for a new outfit, even though the dress I have is more impressionist than abstract. But I think it fits the vintage glam bill, no?

Perhaps I’ll just have to create a Pollock-inspired hair piece to go with it. I’m thinking of paint splattering one of those mini canvases and gluing it to a fascinator. We’ll see how much crafting time and artistic ability I can pull together before Friday night.

Then Joe and I want to swing by the Confluence Brewing Company open house on Saturday afternoon.

They poured at our Brews&Brownies event in September and their Blonde beer was super interesting — in a good way. It has an almost tropical aftertaste. Ken, one of the co-owners was also extremely generous and seems like a great guy. Joe belongs to the Iowa Brewers Union, and it’s inspiring to see people who started as home brewers open a facility like Confluence. I also love that it’s right on the bike trail and check out their cans: I think I spy local art on them. Is that Van Holmgren’s painting adorning Capital Gold? Sure is!

Nicely done, Confluence. According to this, the live music starts at 7 p.m. for the Oct. 20 Grand Opening.

Looking for something more family friendly this weekend? Check out the Salisbury House “Mysteries of the Castle” event.

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