A tisket, a tasket

What says 60th birthday more than female bonding and folk crafts? In honor of my mom, the Kelley women  headed to Wisconsin this past weekend for a workshop at East Troy Basketry and made this:

It took the whole day. I documented the process for my Instagram followers:

The women who run the studio were super sweet and introduced us to all kinds of basketry lingo. We found the experience ripe for the pun-making.

It’s pretty cool to see something take shape from a pile of reeds.

Seriously going to appreciate basket arts (I got scolded for calling it a “craft”) a lot more after eight hours of working on this!

It was a rare day to have all of the women (sans my cousin Katie, who was running the San Francisco Women’s Marathon) together, being creative. It was the perfect way to spend a rainy fall Wisconsin day.


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