Des Moines-date-in-a-box: Historic Dinners at Living History Farms

For our first Christmas as a couple, Joe got me tickets to one of the Historic Dinners at Living History Farms. (He got to double dip a bit by scheduling the dinner near Valentine’s Day, too.)

It will not surprise many of you to know I read all of the “Little House” books in second grade and have never abandoned my love of the pioneer life. I think anyone who likes a delicious home-cooked meal and has an appreciation for the past could enjoy this experiential dinner.

I had to dig way back (Feb. 2008, baby!) in the Facebook archive to find this red-wine-stained-smile photo from the dinner:

The meals are served family style, with up to 12 people at a table and the first person to make a reservation for a certain date picks the from-scratch menu. The group setting was actually kind of fun, I thought. We BYO-wined, which is do-able with a $10 corkage fee.

I also found this photo in the album captioned  “This is what we looked like after the dinner:”

We got to tour the barn and those were some of the hogs.

Joe and I missed out registering for the Living History Farms race for the first time since we started dating, so we might have to revisit the Historic Dinner experience instead!

I’d pair this date with an old black-and-white movie back home on the couch, with popcorn made on the stove top and sprinkled with sea salt, pepper and paprika. It’s not exactly a romantic comedy, but one of my favorites is “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf.”

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  1. Awww how sweet! I love this! Definitely going on my “Des Moines Bucket List” 🙂

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