Savannah suggestions?

We’re going to be road-tripping from Chicago to Savannah this fall (with stops in Asheville and Hilton Head) to celebrate my mom’s 60th Birthday.

Of course we’ll be making a pilgrimage to the Birthplace of Girl Scouts! On the year of the 100th anniversary, no less.

I’ve been checking out these darling “Local’s guide to visiting Savannah” posts from Note to Self, but if you have suggestions for any of our stops, let me know!

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One response to “Savannah suggestions?

  1. I love Savannah! We honeymooned there back in the day. You can skip Paula Dean’s, but DO NOT miss Mrs Wilkes Boarding House. You’ll wait in line for a while, then be seated with 10 strangers and enjoy some seriously Southern eats. It was phenomenal. Also, if you head to Tybee Island, hit up the Crab Shack. We got a huge platter of amazing seafood and then we died of happiness. Also, be sure to try the pecan candies they sell around town. Somewhere near the Juliette Lowe house, there was an awesome little BBQ shack with the best collard greens (cooked with peanuts!) I’ve ever had.

    I think there are non-food things to do in Savannah (Wormsley plantation is a good one, and there are tours of lots of creepy old houses), but really, if I had been blindfolded and just eaten my way through the city, I would have still had an excellent time.

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