Des Moines Dates: Mixology Night at SCI

Want to find out if you and your date have real chemistry? Nothing encourages couples to get physicsal (get it?) like a date to the Science Center of Iowa.

Photo via Metromix

Joe and I stopped into SCI last Friday for the first “Mixology Night” of the year and I was impressed by the concept. Drinks are pretty cheap and they have pizza and whatnot so you won’t get too crazy before letting loose after hours in the museum. Normally I feel like napping on Fridays after a busy week, but this was a low-key option that made me feel like we went out without having a late night. We even got Juiced!

With our friends James and Katie. Photo via Metromix

There’s a live band and you can explore the exhibits without having to feel like a big jerk for cutting in front of kids. Since the first week was free (general admission to Mixology Night is $5), we splurged to see the Facing Mars Exhibit. My favorite part was trying to put together tools wearing “space gloves” that mimic the conditions your hands would experience while on the Red Planet. I also enjoyed doing the simulated Mars walk:

You don’t have to don this ridiculous white space suit, especially if you’re wearing pants, but I was in a dress and wanted to look extra nerdy and embarrass Joe, so there you go. We had to leave before the indoor fireworks demonstration to go to Sophia’s birthday dinner at Raccoon River*, but we did hear the first set from the Snacks. This is the band lineup for the rest of the season:

*Did you see Raccoon River redid their menu a bit? I almost had a tantrum about it when Joe and I went over 80/35 weekend because they took off the Raccoon River Burger, which used to be one of my favorites. It’s more British pub now or something, although they did keep a few of the favorites.

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