Dress Your Desk at Ephemera

Tomorrow  night (Tuesday, Sept. 11) I’m going to head down to Ephemera to stock up on organizational office supplies at their Russel + Hazel “Dress Your Desk” event.

I typically just carry my big purse overflowing and jumbled with stuff, but in the thirty seconds between buying a pretty planner and spilling coffee all over it/leaving it on the roof of my car before I drive out of the garage, I feel like a Real Simple lady. The kind whose knows 348 handy uses for baking soda and whose house always has fresh flowers, and whose mudroom is adorned with Wellies and functional/inspirational cork boards and everything all in a row.

Join me! There will be treats. Think of it as grown-up school supply shopping. Admit it, you loved getting your binders in order back in the day.

Plus, Russel+Hazel is based out of Minneapolis, so you’ve got to appreciate the Midwest design awesomeness.

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