Feeling fallish

How refreshing to reach outside to pick the newspaper up off the stoop today (yes, Joe and I are coffee-and-newspaper kind of morning people) and feel cool fallish weather in the air.

This is completely silly, but one of the road signs to the end of summer for me has always been the Nordstrom sale. Back in Junior High, Doc Martens were all the thing. I had to have them. The kids in my class actually made a club of having them. But my mom (the wise woman she was) made me spend my babysitting money on the shoes. I would save up and then buy them at Oakbrook mall  during the big Nordstrom fall sale. The smell of leather and that yellow top stitching on Mary Janes — it brings me back! So when I was having a bad week the other week, and the Nordstrom sale was going on, I clicked my way to some retail therapy and scored a pair of brown boots I’d been searching for. They came in the mail and fall can now officially start!

Here’s something interesting: When I was at my conference in New York, one of the workshops was on bullying and our presenter told us that one of the psychological reasons kids want to wear what everyone else is wearing (in addition to Doc Martens back in my day, it was Starter Jackets) is along the same principles as the way many animals behave at the watering hole. By wearing the same thing as their peers, they blend in and have a lesser chance of becoming the target for someone picking on them for the way they’re dressed!

I’m lusting for these layers right now:

The back of this dress is darling. It’s a good thing it’s sold out in my size!

This classic-but-whimsical cardigan from Boden. I want to set their catalog on the floor and jump right into it every single season.

If this fallish weather has you feeling like going back to school and in the mood for a sweater, I say you should check out the class schedule at the newish East Village shop Hill Vintage and Knits and learn to crochet or knit this season! Then you can MAKE me that cardigan.


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2 responses to “Feeling fallish

  1. carol beamer

    Really cute boots…have to say, way cuter than Doc Martens…..but then you don’t have to blend in anymore!

  2. Ohhh, that dress is darling. Don’t you just love Anthropologie? It is probably a good thing we do not have one in Des Moines….

    That knitting store sounds amazing! I’m thinking of taking the introductory class, I’ve always wanted to learn how to knit!

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