Finding closure — or not?

We’re in the process of uploading some of the videos from TEDxDesMoines, and I wanted to make sure to share this talk, “Beyond Closure,” from Nancy Berns:

I first learned of Nancy’s work with closure last year, when I still worked in the Drake University marketing department, where she is a professor of sociology. Her publisher sent me an advance copy of her book, and I remember thinking about what an important topic that space between grief and joy is in our society. As someone who has felt deeply at both extremes and struggled with how people I’m around have treated me in my periods of grief, I found it personally fascinating.

In helping Alexander curate our July event around the theme “The Space Between,” I remembered Nancy’s message and thought it would resonate with any audience. Who among us hasn’t either struggled with grief or watched someone we care about experience the sadness of loss? I feel like Berns’ talk is one that our audience will return to, and share, when they or someone they know needs it. It’s a great reminder that oftentimes the best thing we can do for someone is to ask them to tell their stories and recall the joy.

Especially as we work through national tragedies like the recent mass shootings, and as we await sentencing for the perpetrators, this is an interesting idea worth spreading.

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