The Space Between

As many of you know, I’ve been working for the past few months to help plan TEDxDesMoines. I can’t believe it’s just 10 days away! From coming up with this year’s theme: The Space Between, to helping select speakers and mapping out how our attendees will interact and experience the day, it’s been a big adventure. (Not to mention our trip to Qatar to meet and workshop with other organizers.) When I left journalism, a big reason was to get to be one of the people who was actually doing things to strengthen our community. Planning TEDxDesMoines has been completely volunteer, and it’s kept me pretty busy. But when I think about the opportunity to bring together people from different backgrounds to listen and then react to paradigm-shifting ideas, it’s definitely worth it.

We have a few tickets remaining, so if you’re interested in going on July 15, don’t forget to register soon. If the $40 registration fee is too steep, shoot me a message and I might be able to work something out through a few volunteer slots we have open. The day will feature three different sessions with a wide range of speakers. We planned this conference so that you don’t have to be a tech person, or work in a creative field to fit in. Hopefully everyone will come away from the day having made a new connection: to a concept they’d never considered, or a person they’ve never met.

Here’s one of my favorite TED talks, “If I should have a daughter” from spoken word poet Sarah K:

If I Should Have a Daughter

P.S. I got to write a guest post “X Marks the Spot” for Silicon Prairie News last week. It was fun!


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2 responses to “The Space Between

  1. Ahh, if I wasn’t working all day on July 15th I would definitely think about attending. I cant wait to find out how it goes. Good luck! 🙂

  2. whoa, wait what? I love TEDtalks. I need to come to TEDxDes moines. 🙂

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