After the party

A few weeks ago, we had a small dinner to celebrate my birthday (and Amy’s) with a few close friends. Not a big event, but a great opportunity to meet her new, tiny daughter, Linden and have Joe cook something for us.

He made an amazing salad buffet that was an approximation of something they’re working on at Cuisine at Home. I wanted to share it earlier, but my iPhoto has a way with hiding some images right when I want them.

I’m not typically a salad person, but this was a great, fresh-tasting dinner. We picked up many of the ingredients for the salad at the Valley Junction Farmer’s Market along with this lovely vintage-looking bouquet. (Don’t all of the flowers remind you of lace?) The morning after a dinner party, I like to see empty wine and champagne bottles strewn about — even if they’re the ultra cheap kind. It’s how you know there was a good time had.

This $5 bouquet made me ridiculously happy for at least a week and a half! Does anyone know — is the velvety plant Lamb’s Ear? I think this would make such an interesting wedding bouquet.

p.s. Andrea had a good reflection post on the “Comparison is the thief of joy” quote that’s been going around. I left a comment because I feel like that was the key realization of my 26th year. Once I got past it, my happiness kind of exploded.

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  1. Erin C

    Yes, the velvety plant is indeed Lamb’s Ear. I scored some from a friend this year. It’s a perennial and very prolific. I can give you some next year if you want!

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