Balloons for the birthday boy

My dear grandpa turned the big 9-0 last week, and we decided to throw him a card shower instead of having a big party. Grandpa got more than 100 cards (my best friend even had her second class make them!) to help him celebrate:

I wanted to do something a little special, since I wouldn’t be there to share the day with him. I decided on a variation of this birthday balloon idea I saw on Pinterest. Instead of filling the balloons with money, I wrote reasons I love my grandpa (silly and serious) on slips of patterned paper.

I rolled them up, stuffed them in the balloons and blew them up. Then I made this card to go in the box. Clearly, I couldn’t miss an opportunity to incorporate a pun:

with a pin taped to the inside for ease of popping, of course!

Soon, everything was ready to be shipped off.

Shipping a box full of balloons is pretty inexpensive, because they weigh next to nothing. Unless, like me, you need to overnight it to make sure it gets there on time! (We embrace the Last Minute Rush — aka L.M.R. — in our family.) Totally worth it. They arrived in time and grandpa got to pop them (with the characteristic sticking-out-his-tongue move he does when he’s concentrating on something.)

Ours were just from people we know, but I love that there are often “card shower” opportunities on the Milestones page of The Des Moines Register. It always struck me as odd and awfully trusting of Iowans to print addresses in the paper with an open invite to send cards. I sometimes write to strangers celebrating 80th birthdays and whatnot! Anyone else familiar with this phenomenon? Do you send cards to people you don’t know?

Here’s a roundup of a few other balloon birthday ideas — although did you know there is currently a nationwide helium shortage? Crazy!

Floating photos via Lovely Green Lifestyle

Ombre balloons via Little Green Notebooks

Giant Balloon Awesomeness via Oh, Joy!


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2 responses to “Balloons for the birthday boy

  1. paytonsworldwide

    You are so thoughtful! I’ll have to remember this when Richard turns 90. I hope your grandpa received my “18th” birthday card. I couldn’t resist being a little funny myself.

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