Tried it: Peep Sushi

What to bring to the family Easter celebration when you have zero time to prepare anything of substance? Peepshi. I saw this hilarious recipe for Peep Sushi on Serious Eats and knew that since I wouldn’t have time to whip up a strata or experiment with this cool braided Easter bread, I could just bring something that would double as a craft project and make people smile. Sadly, this recipe might actually be the one I’ve attempted that turned out closest to the inspiration photo! All you need are Rice Krispies, marshmallows, butter, Peeps and Fruit By the Foot/Fruit Rollups.

The finished tray of Peepshi

The giant knife I made Ellen use to decapitate the peeps was a nice effect, don’t you think? We found to make the rolls you really need to crunch the Rice Krispies Treat strip. #Protip.

A simple and actually delicious dessert that Joe’s aunt made were these butterscotch birds nest cookies.

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