True/False tuneage

My brain is still reeling from the EIGHT documentary films I saw at the True/False Film Festival this weekend in Columbia, MO. The films create this mind-boggling yo-yo effect, the way they take you on a journey through macro issues in broad scope and compelling personal narratives that will bring tears to your eyes. It’s too much for me to type now, but I’ll share in a post tomorrow!

But first, a tiny taste of True/False busker awesomeness. I fell in love with Pearl and the Beard, a Brooklyn band that played before a few of the movies this weekend.

All three of the band members have spine tinglingly amazing voices, and their songs range from rollicking to almost ethereal. This latest music video doesn’t show the band, and it’s not at all what I pictured when they played this song live, but it’s gorgeous and makes me want to give hot pink yarn to all of the little girls I know.

Check them out!

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