What I’m into

Back when I worked at Juice, the staff would contribute to a weekly column of random stuff we were “into” that week. In the same spirit, here are a few things that have me smiling:

Insane Art Formed by Carving Books with Surgical Tools

I saw a link to this on a Facebook friend’s wall and the intricate nature of this art was jaw-droppingly awesome. Pinterest is full of crafts that involve repurposing old books, but this goes so far beyond anything I’ve seen before. Talk about a word or image popping out at you. Isn’t this neat? Read more about Brian Dettmer’s process.


A whopping SEVEN women I’m close to (that I know of) are pregnant right now. I will confess that baby fever is catching. I sent this Fuel/Friends “Freshly Hatched” Mix to my friend Amy whose little baby bump is super adorable. Totally excited that there was a David Wax Museum song on it!


My college BFF Amanda is getting married in the Dominican this May and we bridesmaids get to wear Kelly Green dresses for the occasion. I might already own a Kelly Green dress, but this Modcloth number is calling my name:

If I get it now, I could wear it for St. Patrick’s Day, too! Speaking of, have you listened to The Chieftains new album? They sing with all sorts of awesome indie bands.

True story: I orchestrated a big family gathering to go see The Chieftains a couple of years ago. I made little doo-dads for everyone’s lapel and tiny leprechaun hats. It was so much fun!

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