Post-it Power

I’m the kind of person who needs to get her thoughts down on paper as fast as possible. Otherwise, they tend to float out of my skull like tiny balloons.

My work spaces are always littered with scraps of paper. Items scribbled onto Post-it notes are like tiny task hills that make up a bigger work routine. I love conquering them and then peeling them off the desk. I also have a “wall of random ideas” that gets populated every so often with post-its when I come up with something bigger that could work later.

Maybe you’ve seen this doing the Pinterest rounds, but I like this rotating goal list idea from Cornflower Blue Studio.

I could also see making one for workouts, especially since this morning was Day 1 of half marathon training for me and Joe. After all of my indulging this weekend, the three mile run was much-needed, but it’s going to take awhile to get used to pre-dawn exercising.

I scrolled through the Cornflower Blue Studio blog and was tickled by all of the coral reef-inspired crochet. It reminds me of a TED talk I posted awhile back linking crochet with coral through hyperbolic geometry. (It’s mind-blowing.)

Back on the post-it track, though, last week we had an awesome staff meeting where the five of us wrote down all of our duties on little post-its, which we arranged into different sections of the organization (Foundation, school, board, community partners, misc.) so we could visualize where everyone is concentrated. We each used our own color so it was easy to see who did what.

It definitely wasn’t about competing to see who had the most Post-its, but it helped us see where our efforts are focused and where we might be overlapping or able to help each other out. We have a very small staff and with me new to the team and one team member recently having transitioned roles, I think it was a neat exercise. We also used those giant post-its to write down the things that excite us about the organization, the things that keep us up at night worrying, crazy long-term ideas and what services our constituents need in order to succeed. I left feeling mentally organized and energized.

Lastly, who could write a post about post-its without linking to this classic scene?

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  1. I need that! I have so many overlapping post-its on my desk I can’t actually see what any of them say. Also I like that it says organize yarn stash. 🙂

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