A Scrabble get-well

My wonderful Grandpa is in the hospital with pneumonia, and since I can’t be there passing the time playing Scrabble with him, I made this little picture card to post to his Facebook wall. Yes, my g-pa, who turns 90 in May, is an active Facebook user. Ha!

I think he will especially like the use of “hastily”* instead of soon. Stays true to the Scrabble form, scores more points and is generally his sense of humor. (Grandpa likes to call Sloppy Joes “Untidy Josephs,” etc. Grandparent humor!

*UPDATE* I couldn’t sleep because I just realized QUICKLY would have scored more points. Argh!

Speaking of how awesome my Grandpa is, we finally were able to rescue this cooking video we made together from the clutches of my old hard drive. I’m pretty sure we’re just one Buzzfeed link away from making him a viral video sensation 😉

But seriously, if you enjoy older gentlemen in tuxedo aprons and bad camera work and editing, check out this video we made documenting his beef stew recipe.



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3 responses to “A Scrabble get-well

  1. gerri Frey

    I watched your grandpa make stew . . . wow! He is amazing – – that looked like so much fun – – – I would have loved to have been there watching! You all are lucky to come from such good genes – – he is so young looking and gets around well. I hope he recovers from his health problems quickly and is back home cookin up a storm again soon! Prayers coming your way!

  2. Ashley Sanders

    Bri – Sorry to hear that your grandpa is sick but I’m sure this made his day. Per usually, you are always thinking of others with creative flair to boot. Not sure what took me so long to add you blog to my Reader but consider yourself stalked. XOXO

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