That’s more like it, Iowa winter

The snow started melting in big glops on this sunny Monday, but over the weekend I got a picture of the house laced in white.

I love our little hippo house, with its rooster weather vane, eyebrow windows and snout-like porch.

We spent the weekend overnight babysitting for our niece. I was nervous, but aside from Caroline eating a tiny corner of “Baby Make Me Breakfast,” all went well.

Speaking of devouring books: Are you reading “The Hunger Games” trilogy yet? I practically missed Downton Abbey last night because I was so engrossed in the second book. I could hardly fall asleep later, my heart was pounding so hard after finishing it!

If you look closely at my snowy stoop, you’ll probably notice the weekend also involved Netflix. We watched 50/50 and I cried (although my emotional spectrum is kind of like the one the actress Kristen Bell describes on Ellen in this hilariously adorable clip of her sloth-related meltdown), but I liked it. It’s not exactly uplifting, but I’ve had a crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt since his Third Rock from the Sun days. Sans the long hair. The dialogue is realistically awkward and funny, which I appreciated.

I love a lounge-y weekend now and again.


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3 responses to “That’s more like it, Iowa winter

  1. I love Hunger Games, Kristen Bell, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. This was an entry quite relevant to my interests 😀

    • Glad you liked it! Sometimes I forget to post about the random things I’m reading/watching/eating, because they can be the most useful! (Also, checked out your baby room post and I think you need to come re-do our bedroom!)

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