Fox face

The two most frequent funny questions people ask me:

1) Are you Asian? (No, I’m Irish/Mexican.)

2) Is that a fox? (Gesturing toward Wilbur.) I like to tell people that he is a fox, because it comes off as badass and because otherwise people spend the next five minutes trying to repeat Shiba Inu and then telling me he really does look like a fox.

Joe got me a fox hat for Christmas, because I’m secretly 8 1/2 years old and really wanted one. I used to have a bear-shaped hat in high school and it was one of my favorite things ever. I especially like to try to get Wilbur to wear it, which he totally loves:

That lasted about four seconds.

Speaking of fox faces, that was the nickname of a character in The Hunger Games, which I just finished. (Well, book one.) It’s the second book I read on the iPad (first was The Submission for book club) and I am going to have to say that I’m fully aboard the eReader bandwagon. Mostly because, since it’s lit from behind, I can do what I did this week and stay up extra late devouring a book while Joe sleeps undisturbed by the light. I was totally one of those kids who used to stay up with a flashlight under the covers, reading. (Nerd alert: I read Gone with the Wind in fifth grade.) I can’t wait to download and start book two!


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5 responses to “Fox face

  1. He’s too cute! PS. I like your FLOR rug. I thought about getting the same pattern.

  2. Holy mackerel is he adorable! My sis has a similar breed and he’s to die for, but unfortunately kind of a tweak. Is that just how the breed is?

  3. Hey, I read Gone with the Wind in 5th grade too! And here I thought I was the only one… Hooray for lifelong book nerds!

    • What a great book! One of my most vivid memories involved a bully actually taking my copy and throwing it down the stairs, which broke the spine. I was mortified, because it was a library book!

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