In case you ever wanted to be a groundhog

I’m sure one of you has an entry in your bucket list that relates to waking up before the crack of dawn and donning a suit in the shape of a giant rodent to help people party at High Life Lounge / El Bait shop before noon on a Thursday in February. I just saw this opportunity and I had to share.

The Full Court Press Polk County Paula contest is extremely tempting to me. Apparently the lady who typically plays Paula is preggo and relinquishing her duties. Most creative “Why I want to be the groundhog” wins:

The winner, of course gets to play the Groundhog at the High Life’s annual party. Winner must be available to play the role at least from 6 AM to noon, Thursday, February 2nd. Breakfast will be provided for the winner, along with costume for the day and one of this year’s Groundhog Day t-shirts and one $25 gift card good at all Full Court Press establishments. Second place wins one $15 gift card. Third gets one $10 card.

But then, it’s really not fair if I enter. I know technically an aardvark is not a rodent, but 12 years ago, I did wear an Arthur costume and entertain children at the Centennial Beach in Naperville. This would clearly be the next step.


Yep, that’s me in the suit! The glasses gave it away, didn’t they. I brought a whole giant box of photos home from my mom’s so I can scan them, but they’re really just a massive archive of what a huge nerd I’ve always been. Might be best to keep the blackmail potential to a minimum.

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