Mailbox makeover

I’ve let household DIY projects slack off for months (OK, a few years) and the weekend I’m supposed to be studying for a final, I decide that the best procrastination is the kind that results in a prettier mailbox. (What’s more motivating than a marketing exam?! Hooray for small projects to separate me and my study guide.)

We’re not huge fans of all of the gold/brass hardware in our home, but those kinds of details haven’t been on the top of the priority list. This weekend when we were at Ace getting parts to repair a leaky faucet and new dimmer-compatible lightbulbs (who knew you couldn’t just use regular ones?) to take care of the seriously annoying buzz that our dining room and bathroom dimmer switches were emitting, I got to daydreaming about mailboxes that weren’t all sad and scratched and rusty, like ours:

Cue some sort of sad silent film music.

And then I remembered how all those thrifty genius house bloggers/ home improvement DIY experts are always extolling the virtues of a good ole can of spray paint. And why YES, I had a can of leftover red paint right in the basement!

(Oh, Pinterest, I’ve tried to avoid becoming obsessed with you for awhile now, but I give up.)

I washed off sad “before” mailbox and set it up inside a FLOR tile box, which I’m glad I saved because it was perfect as a spray paint station in the basement. I actually think having this vertical caused some of the dripping, so I laid it flat for the later coats.

I tried to conjure up all of the spray painting tips I could remember (spray in a sweeping motion that extends past the piece you’re spraying, opt for multiple thinner coats) but I think I got too close/thick with my coats and ended up with some drippiness problems. I was able to get enough layers on to kind of mask the mistakes and I think, overall, this little mailbox makes a much happier first impression as one approaches the door. Don’t you?

I also made some little decoupage clothespins with a little Christmas wrapping paper and scrapbook paper slivers so that our outgoing mail looks cheerful, too. (Ephemera used to sell these and helping make them was probably the one thing I ever accomplished as their wannabe stationery store intern.)

Speaking of stationery and awesomeness, I have to give a shoutout to my other dear friends who are nobly working to revive the art of the written word:

A few cool photographers about town collaborated for “I Dreamt I was a Postcard,” and put together a line of postcards that have neither pigs nor corn on them. Check ’em out.

And the lovely Laura Palmer is growing her own hand-drawn postcard empire, XO-LP. Cuteness!

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