Muppets at Merle Hay!

Joe and I went to see The Muppets tonight (wocka-wocka!) and it was my first trip to the Merle Hay movie theater. Joe Lawler always talked about how it is the best in town (a single screen with lots of seating, cash only, park back on the other side of the mall, kind of behind Sears.) We sat down just a few rows in front of the Rocketships (Cat is super awesome editor of Offbeat Home and Scott keeps everyone in the DM creative community on their toes), so I knew this was just the right venue for Muppet viewing. Verdict: This is the kind of movie that will have you humming and dancing a little bit out of the theater. So fun! I think I need the soundtrack.

I’m honestly a little too young to have experienced the total Muppet heyday, but every year at Christmas I love to watch A Muppet Family Christmas. In installments on YouTube. Ha!

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