Nothing says football rivalry like buffalo chicken strata at a stationery store

We missed our 5:30 a.m. Iowa State tailgate caravan this morning due to a 2 a.m. Emergency Room departure (four stitches and four hours later, Joe will be just fine). But seeing as how I’d imagined and then prepared a buffalo chicken strata, I had to feed it to someone! So I brought big slices to my dear friends Arin and Karen, whose shop turned out to be surprisingly busy for such a fanatical football Saturday.

Egg stratas were always the go-to brunch crowd pleaser dish in our family, and I’ve fully embraced them as my signature contribution for morning potlucks and the like. (Awesome because you make them the night before and then bake them while you finish getting ready before guests arrive.)

When I got the invite for tailgating fun, I decided to tinker with the traditional breakfast sausage strata and whipped up a buffalo chicken version that was worthy of a sassy touchdown dance, if I do say so myself.

To make a strata, you start by cutting up a loaf or two (I used 1.5) of French bread and line the bottom of a baking dish with the slices. Then I mixed together a dozen eggs, some whole milk and cream and a good dose of grated pepperjack and colby cheeses (about 6-8 ounces) with some salt and pepper and chopped up chunks of celery. For the buffalo chicken, I made a couple of chicken breasts and then pulled them apart into small pieces that I tossed with Frank’s sauce. I baked it for a little more than a half hour at 450 and it was good to go. Hotwings meet kegs and eggs. How could that go wrong?

Rave reviews from my friends at Ephemera, then I caught the final five minutes (and three overtimes!) of the Iowa v. Iowa State game.

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