Garage sale crawl

Does the thought of rifling through strangers’ things on a misty morning in the rural outskirts of Des Moines sound good to you?

Then we would probably be friends.

Last Saturday, I got up early, mad a trip to La Mie for coffee and perfectly flaky French pastries and joined my friend Gretchen and new garage-saleing friend Marcie for the Highway 141 sale, which is essentially a neighborhood garage sale on crack. Towns all along this ribbon of road are dotted with sales in garages, yards, alleys, barns, etc.

We learned that those who took Friday off to treasure hunt probably took most of the stuff that was worthwhile, but we had fun exploring and chatting and got a few nifty things out of the deal. (Note: Neon signs that advertise a “HUGE/AWESOME/WON’T BELIEVE IT” sale are not as good as the small white ones with old person handwriting.)

Some of the stops were busts, but the joy of the even for me was the chase.

I got some decent items for not spending more than $10 on a morning worth of entertainment (Madeline books via a “Mrs. Anderson” not pictured, nor is the guy who asked us if we wanted to make some money after telling us the banjo he had for sale was $450.)

If we come back next year, we’re going to create a garage sale bingo card to add to the fun. On it will have to be: creepy clown figurines, baked goods, T-shirt or sweatshirt with the name of the town and that town’s festival on it, things people got as freebies that they’re selling for a dime, etc.

(This weekend involved a bachelorette celebration, so no photos of THAT!)

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