Good morning, Guinness

The elaborate breakfasts Joe used to spoil me with back when he’d work evenings have dwindled now that we’re on the same earlier morning schedule — the one real drawback of his new job. (I can hardly complain, since it means I don’t eat a microwave quesadilla in the dark by myself for dinner.) But the other night Joe prepared a baked breakfast in advance and I had to share.

He got the recipe for chocolate cinnamon mini-buns with caramel stout glaze from the latest issue of his home brewer magazine, and so we had a Guinness-glazed breakfast.

Basically, you make dough using spent grains (3/4 c) from the brewing process, water (1.5 c), yeast (1t), flour (3 c)and oil (1/3 c).

That makes enough dough for two batches of the rolls, filled with melted butter, cinnamon, sugar and mini chocolate chips. The glaze? A Guinness reduction, of course.



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3 responses to “Good morning, Guinness

  1. Hi BS, I had to comment on this photo, because these are the same plates I had growing up 🙂 Ah memories!

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