Springtime accessories

A few things I’m loving this spring:

My new Orla Kiley bag. Perfect for me because it’s big enough to hold a sweater/lunch and still fits in the milk crate I put on the back of my bike for carting things to work. The designer bag helps offset the homeless-looking crate, a nice juxtaposition!

Isn't it springtime festive?

I’m typically not a purse person, but I’ve been coveting an Orla bag for awhile and this one was half price — just in time for a little to-me-from-me retail celebration for the end of the semester.

Our new hydrangea plant and mulch in the back. I think the fact that we mulched our landscaping inches us closer to being real adults and homeowners. Indoor plants make me nervous (I tend to kill them immediately), but I love working on the garden. Most of it is spent obsessively weeding, an activity that I lock into with a weird, futile determination.

Did you know: A hydrangea's blooms change color based on the level of nitrogen in the soil.

I’ve had a fondness for this flower for a long time, especially since I wore a hydrangea-print dress to my junior prom. FLASHBACK!

Part of me feels like this was a classy choice, part of me feels like the floral pattern is too curtainy.

Also from the archives: Me with my favorite babysitting charges (now college women) and the double-sided tape I needed to hold this strapless number up. Awesome!

We picked up our sweet shrubbery at The Woodsmith Store, which is affiliated with August Home Publishing, Joe’s new employer. I made him take a photo next to a display of the titles he’ll be designing. Obviously, he was thrilled:

Go ahead, subscribe! (There are no ads, which is interesting.)

This was our first relaxed weekend as a couple who shares the same work schedule, and Joe and I rocked it. Saturday night when we got home from seeing Lolo Jones and other amazing track athletes compete at the Drake Relays, we both sort of looked sideways at each other and asked: Do we really have a whole other day to hang out? Hopefully, this means lots more fun adventures for the blog.

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