Monkey S’mores

After I got back from New Orleans, my body rejected the thought of any alcohol and anything with a prefix of “fried.”

A total Cara Corey style detox seemed impossible to me, so I decided to start with baby steps toward a more healthful eating routine.

Joe made me a few green monsters for breakfast instead of my favorite fried egg on bagel, covered in melted cheese:

That’s one of Cara’s knit cozies around the glass. Green Monster recipe via Iowa Girl Eats.

And then I came up with the most brilliant dessert of all time. (Because a “West Wing” marathon requires some fuel.)

Graham cracker + thin layer of Nutella + Banana slices


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One response to “Monkey S’mores

  1. Monkey S’more – genius!

    I need to get a jar of Nutella. I tried it in Europe last year and it’s just so. dang. delish.

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