Angry Birds bar crawl

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about the personality of Des Moinesians since moving here, it’s that the inhabitants of this fine city love a good costumed pub crawl. Who could forget the Snuggie pub crawl:

Photo via

The annual Santa Pub Crawl:

and obvious Halloween Pub Crawl, among many others.

At the Des Moines Social Club‘s dance party last night (before the DMSC packs up and moves to its temporary new digs in the Kirkwood), I saw the greatest pub crawl get-up of recent memory. A giant group dressed as the characters of the ever-so-addictive touch screen game, Angry Birds:

Obviously, this idea could not wait until Halloween. (Remind me to use my real camera and not my cell phone once and awhile so I don’t have to post these crummy, blurry shots.)

Oh, look! Apparently my friend Julia was in this group. (Thanks, facebook!)

Pure genius.

For those of you late to Angry Birds love, borrow someone’s smart phone, STAT. It’s a must-download.

Oh! And do please check out the RAYGUN blog on Tuesday, because I’ll have a post there about another funny quirk of living in Des Moines.

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