Shake your hair feather

Yesterday, I was procrastinating writing my case study analysis by trolling around on Facebook (of course). Posts taunting me via my news feed showed that I was already missing out on Bacon Fest, which is the Christmas/Hanukkah/Easter/Valentine’s Day of Iowans, all wrapped up together in one greasy bit of awesome.


If you can’t tell, that’s a frying pan and bacon made out of balloons. Photo via Metromix, where there are 90 more from the event.

More posts filled me in on the fact that, while I was reading about the Centralia Mine Blast of 1946, my friends were hanging out. (Horrible realization about grad school + working life: Unlike undergrad, everyone else does not also have homework.) I posted about my pity party of one:

Goal for the day: learn to spell bureaucracy. I will be typing it a lot in these case studies. I wish I was getting feathers put in my hair by Paige Stewart at ephemera stationery studio instead.

And then it dawned on me: Study break!

Way better than homework, right?

Paige had a fun little station set up to give people feather hair extensions in the back of Ephemera, alongside Hill Vintage. I’ve had a girl-crush on Paige’s feather extensions since she came back from a trip with them done (hipster girl’s Jamaican cornrows?) and I did read that they were a trend to try on Refinery 29. Typically DM is at least three years behind on these things, so I was pretty pumped. If I was going to spend the rest of the day with my nose in a textbook, this was a nice consolation prize.

She tucked them under a few layers of hair, so you can only really see a peek-a-boo feather when my hair is down. I always wanted to get a nose ring, or something remotely rebellious in college, but I never did. You can still wash your hair and everything with these feathers in, then you just cut out the tiny braid they’re attached to when you’re sick of them. I figured since my hair has been blond, pinkish red, red and almost black this year, the feathers would fit right in.

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