This parade is not suitable for childen

An amazing New Orleans girls weekend in a nutshell:

Spandex catsuit: CHECK.

When in NOLA, this seems like a good purchase. My friend decided to class it up with a blazer, but this gives the full effect. Yes, this purchase was most likely made under the influence. Yes, we haggled the price down.

Whistles/straws in the shape of male anatomy: CHECK.

I decided to represent Mizzou with my color scheme, though I doubt this will win me any alumni achievement awards.

Puff-painted koozies: CHECK.

Thanks, Hobby Lobby!

The ability to start a dance party that transcends age, race, sexual orientation and levels of public intoxication: YOU HAVE NO IDEA.

This past weekend in New Orleans was a definite memory-maker, spent celebrating friendship and brass band interpretations of Cee Lo Green.

Here’s what we crammed into a long weekend:

Hurricanes and “Piano Man” at Pat O’Brien’s.

Riding a mechanical whale at a nightclub on Bourbon Street (after plenty of frozen daiquiris of various flavors and bottom shelf alcohol content.)

A stroll through Jackson Square and the French Market, where we stocked up on masks for later.

A streetcar ride past the mansions in the Garden District.

Dressing up for the Krewe du Vieux parade, which included Sarah Palin and sperm themed floats aplenty.

Starting a “love train” at one club and continually running into two bachelor parties.

Brunch (say yes to a double mimosa and BBQ shrimp and grits) at The Ruby Slipper.

Swamp touring and learning a bit about the land from witty Capt. John Royen.

Beignets and coffee from Cafe du Monde.

Amazing gumbo and fried chicken at Coop’s, washed down with Abita.

Hitting up Frenchmen Street and dancing on stage at The Blue Nile.

New Orleans was a nonstop adventure experienced with women I’m happy to have known for (ohmygosh) the past decade.

Canadian men know how to party!


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