The perks of marriage

Frenzied after a stressful pre-vacation day at work and running late for a board meeting, I call Joe (after phoning my mom to yell at her for leaving me a voicemail, because I’m a you-know-what) to warn him I’m in a horrible grouchy mood and won’t see him for a few hours. (Sorry, mom, for not forewarning you of my impending bitchiness via text message.)

An hour and a half later, I walk in the house to this:

To top it off, Joe tells me to go get in my comfiest clothes and pours me a microbrew from O’Fallon:

Warm and fuzzy. I'll blame it on the candle light.

And puts on a genius love mix that melts away any frustration I was feeling when I walked in the door. Sigh.

All this, and tax breaks to boot?!

Tomorrow, I might end up working for a few hours, but I have a hike in balmy weather and a haircut to sweeten the deal. Then, New Orleans bound!


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2 responses to “The perks of marriage

  1. Theresa

    Wow B! It looks like you had so much fun.
    I hope before I die I get to wear a catsuit in New Orleans.
    – Super Jealous of the hair feathers.

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